4 Steps To Enable Your BPI Debit Card To Work On Online Payment

Have encountered an error while using your BPI Debit Card (Mastercard) to pay your online bills like Meralco for instance?

Well, we are on the same page and I just want to share 4 quick steps to fix that error in using your BPI Debit Card online. I assumed you already had your Online Access for this guide to work for you.

Let start by logging in to your BPI Online Account..

1- Navigate to “Other Services” section

2- Go to “Card Control”

3- Click “Show Card Settings” of the account you want to enable

4- Slide the “E-Commerce access” slider to enable the feature


Points of View:

This feature is a good online banking security to protect your account from hacking if you’ve lost your card or someone gets a copy of your Card Number and CVV.

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