‘A Family Affair’ Pilot Review: Simmering With Mysteries And Intrigues

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Serving as Ivana Alawi’s lead teleserye debut, A Family Affair bursts with exciting mysteries and absorbing intrigues.


Actors:Ivana Alawi, Gerald Anderson, Sam Milby, Jake Ejercito, Jameson Blake, Edu Manzano, Ana Abad Santos, Rans Rifols, Lito Pimentel, Heaven Peralejo, Aya Fernandez, Dawn Zulueta

Genre: Drama, Romance

Premise: An inheritance from the late matriarch of the Estrellas intertwines the life of Cherry Red with Dave, Paco, Seb, and Drew. Amid the romance that arose between her and two of the four brothers, Cherry’s past unravels and exposes deeply buried secrets (iWantTFC).

Running Time: 35 minutes

Director: Jerome Pobocan, Raymund Ocampo

Time slot: Weeknights, 9:20 pm

Why You Should See It:

You can easily tell the new Kapamilya series, A Family Affair, is taking its time with its slow but satisfying build up. Intrigues and mysteries simmer on its surface as the key players start to unravel. Front and center in this seductive and sentimental drama–is Ivana Alawi’s Cherry Red, a barrio lass with irresistible charms. 

Destined to be both the crux and driving force of her story, Cherry Red and the lives of the four Estrella boys — Dave, Paco, Seb, Drew — who will all vie for her attention and affection. 

Set in picturesque Masbate, the series takes the scenic beauty of its setting and the rich rodeo and cattle-herding culture in the province as its backdrop. The series makes it known it has no intention of letting Masbate’s visual gifts go to waste; the sweeping shots as it renders the province’s rich and lush landscapes are enough proof.

The main attraction in A Family Affair is still Cherry Red, and the mystery of her presence in the Estrella household. Viewers had a hint–she indeed has a link to the wealthy and influential family, much about her background remains unknown. The story [slowly] unravels the details of her intriguing past via flashbacks. And revealed the reason behind why the Estrellas agreed to keep her.

The pilot and second episodes allow Alawi to take the spotlight straight away. There is no lie in the showrunners’ claim that they made the show’s script and Cherry Red tailored fit for the actress’s capacity. Of course, there may be shots that will be made available only to iWantTFC viewers and not to free TV audiences, but even without baring some skin, Alawi’s acting chops evidently improved from her last outing (Sino May Sala?).

She has more conviction and can deliver her lines with more believability and commitment. That seemed to be required of her since her four leading men, Jameson Blake, Jake Ejercito, Gerald Anderson, and Sam Milby, are all capable actors.

A Family Affair airs from Mondays to Fridays on A2Z and TV5, and Kapamilya Online Live after 2 Good 2 Be True. Catch-up and advanced episodes are available on iWantTFC. Watch the official full trailer below:

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