An Old Video Of Toni Gonzaga And Kris Aquino’s Stance On Extramarital Affairs Gets Viral

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An old clip from 2014’s “The Buzz” featuring local celebrities Kris Aquino and Toni Gonzaga discussing extramarital affairs has been widely discussed online.

Host Boy Abunda asked if they would physically harm their husbands if they cheated. Aquino told him she would lash out at her husband, while Gonzaga who was not married at that time disagreed, saying the husband was not the only one at fault.

“Ang pangangaliwa ng lalaki ay dahil sa babae (mistress). Hindi dahil sa asawa, dahil doon sa babaeng na-involve kasi kahit anong push ng lalaki kapag hindi in-enentertain ng babae walang mangyayari ‘di ba,” Gonzaga said.

“But it’s the lalaki na may commitment sa’yo. So ikaw yung na-betray,” Aquino argued.

“Pero ang mga lalaki kasi ‘di ba, ano sila talaga, babaero by nature,” Gonzaga rebutted.

Gonzaga’s stance on extramarital affairs has caused controversy among online users, who see it as having a sexist tone. Some have also criticized it for appearing to condone domestic abuse and violence against women.

Meanwhile, some social media users agreed with Aquino, who stated that the husband had made a commitment to be loyal to his wife.

As of this writing, the video had 7.6 million views, 611 comments, 13,300 retweets, and over 37,600 likes on Twitter.

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