Celebrities, Netizens Reacted To Kai Sotto’s Failed NBA Draft Bid

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Several celebrities and netizens shared their reactions to Kai Sotto’s failed NBA draft bid.

On Friday, June 24, the 7-foot-3 center Sotto was unsuccessful in his NBA dream as he was undrafted in the 2022 NBA draft.

In his tweet, Sotto said while it was not the outcome that he wanted, it won’t either stop his passion to fulfill his dream.

“Not the outcome that we wanted, but its what i needed. My vision became clearer and I believe in God’s plans for me. I’m far from over and I’m not stopping till I get to fulfill my dream.”

Following the news of Sotto’s fate, several celebrities and netizens took to twitter to share their sentiments. 

Most of them remained proud of Sotto even though he failed to make it into the NBA draft.

In his tweet, former Senator and Pambansang Kamao Manny Pacquiao said he’s still proud of Sotto and that his dream is not yet over.

“We are so proud of you @kzsottolive! The dream is not over. Laban lang!! We support you”

Bianca Gonzales also tweeted saying, “Go Kai Sotto. The whole nation is rooting for you.”

Ramon Bautista in his tweet scored NBA for not getting Sotto saying they wasted an opportunity to sell more tickets and jerseys cause Pinoys fans are known to be super supportive of fellow Filipinos playing in world stage.

“Di ba nila naisip na sayang yung milyon-milyong Pilipino ang magbibilihan ng jersey, tickets sa games, saka makikipagbasagan ng muka para sa team na dadraft kay Kai?”

News anchor Gretchen Ho meanwhile answered a netizen who asked if she will still interview Sotto after being un-drafted.

In her tweet, she said she will definitely push through with the interview adding being un-drafted is not the end of the road for Kai as there are other means to make it to the NBA.

“Yes we will 🙂 Being undrafted doesn’t mean he has no chance of making it to the NBA!”

Journalist Barnaby Lo agreed to a netizen who said that if Kai Sotto was drafted it will be like Manny Pacquiao winning a boxing match which means ultra celebration in the Philippines.

Basketball analyst Charles Tiu said while it’s unfortunate that Kai wasn’t drafted, he’s still young and he still has a long way to go. He also added that his time will come so he should continue dreaming.

“Unfortunate that Kai didn’t get drafted, although truth be told, asking people around the NBA the last few days, their consensus was that it was unlikely. Still he’s not even 20! He has a long way to go And can play in many top overseas leagues. He has time! Keep dreaming!!”

Netizen Ryan Alba shared the same thoughts that Sotto is the best Filipino prospect for NBA ever. And although he didn’t get picked, there are other ways for him to get into the league.

“Kai Sotto is the best Filipino prospect since idk ever (maybe Ricardo Brown since he actually got drafted). NBA or not, he’s a special talent in our context and he should be celebrated for what he is. Plus, the draft isn’t the only way to get in the league lmao.”

Netizen @ricomaierhofer meanwhile can’t say anything but “proud of you Kai Sotto – work hard”

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