Check Your Plate Number For No Contact Apprehension Record

You never know you already had a traffic violation!


No Contact Apprehension Program (NCAP) refers to capturing traffic violations without the need of physical apprehension by traffic enforcers in the Philippines. It is implemented 24/7 by the City Government using traffic enforcement cameras and other technology. I experienced this myself along Sucat Rd. in Paranaque at 2am in the morning with a beating red light violation.

A Notice of Violation will be sent to the address of the registered owner of the vehicle appearing in the LTO database. It will be delivered through a process server of the city, registered mail, and/or private courier. Different Cities implementing NCAP have different deadlines to settle the violation and impose penalties if it remains unpaid, tagging your vehicle registration to LTO for a violation which will prevent its renewal until paid.

There are some cases where you can file a complaint to contest your violation, but the hassle it will give you, getting absent from work and waiting in long lines is not that easy.

Sharing the following URLs of different cities implementing NCAP to check your plate number for any violation might be interesting.


Quezon City




Unavailable at the moment


More information you can find:


Points of View:

The program has a good purpose that can avoid the “areglo system” and road rage between traffic enforcer and traffic violator, BUT! Some policies need to be amended to make them fair to all motorists.

Issues like:

1. What if you received your notice of violation after the due date? An issue with postal cannot deliver your mail on time will put you on penalty, and it will expire your rights to contest the violation.

2. What if you are not the one driving your vehicle? Putting your vehicle registration on hassle for renewal, even if the owner is not the one who disobeyed the traffic rules.



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