Darren Espanto Shares How Proud He Is For Killing A Cockroach For The First Time

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The Kapamilya singer shared the news on his social media accounts on September 7.

Little victories are still victories, they say, and to some people, it is worth celebrating. Such is the case for ASAP Natin ‘To mainstay performer Darren Espanto, who took to Twitter to happily let his fans knew that he had his first cockroach kill in 21 years. ‘Yup, that’s right. You may barely remember the first time you let your slipper fly hit one of the god-knows-how-many cockroaches in your house’s kitchen, but to Darren, the moment still feels vivid and monumental.

“I can proudly say, that in my 21 years of existence, today…I finally killed cockroach,” his tweet reads.

Of course, proud fans and amused netizens flocked to the reply zone to send congratulatory messages to the young singer. Some of their replies are rather hilarious and amusing.

“Hahaha… Congrats D! Finally!” tweeted Regiene Grace.

“achievement unlocked! congrats, bhie,” said Jepay, extending his congratulations.

Kyoshi took his ‘Kuya Will moment.’

Edi sana pinabillboard mo (Why did not have it published on a billboard, then)” suggested sarcastic and apparently annoyed @itsnotmetawin.

Jaesoo, meanwhile, already has something in mind that Darren can kill next, after cockroaches.

“Congrats!! Mag masteral ka na D. Ung malaking gagamba naman na next. HAHAHAHA (Congratulations! Get a master’s degree already! This time, kill a giant spider),” he suggested.

Twitter user @Aqua24mfD gave a similar suggestion.

“Oh wow! Grats D. U conquered ur fear. What bout spiders? Hehehe.”

 Let’s keep our tabs on Espanto’s social media accounts. Who knows he might share [again] another little victory. Killing a giant spider perhaps?

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