Dimples Romana Raves About Short Love Stories In ‘Love Bites’

For Dimples Romana, the concept of featuring short stories about love in the digital show “Love Bites” is something that is very new and interesting.

Romana and her “Viral Scandal” co-start Miko Raval are featured in the “Love Bites” episode “Letters for Leah.” So what’s new about the show?

“A lot of us, we are used to instant everything like fast everything, instant everything, instant love. Everything has to be out of the comfort of our own. It always has to be like a personal comfortable feeling for us loving. And so instant,” she said during the virtual media conference, September 14.

“Kaya tingnan mo, shorts, ‘di ba, kasi (So you see, these are shorts, right? Because) we’re…

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