Enzo Pineda, Albie Casiño, Lharby Policarpio, And Aaron Concepcion Talk About Dating Their Friends’ Ex-partners

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On November 7, ‘Call Me Papi’ stars Enzo Pineda, Albie Casiño, Lharby Policarpio, and Aaron Concepcion shared their opinions about dating a friend’s ex-girlfriend.

At the media conference for the film ‘Call Me Papi’, Pineda cited how dating his friend’s ex would come off as disrespectful.  He explained, “…You don’t do things like that with your friends…respeto na rin sa kaniya. And I don’t know it feels awkward eh.”

Casiño highlighted how dating a friend’s ex would create distrust among his friend group.  He expressed, “…di talaga, parang how can your friends trust you after that. So parang if it just happened to me,…parang I would just be thinking all the times na magkasama kaming tatlo, nandoon na ‘yung ano ‘yung pinag-iisipan mo noon magkasama tayo. Parang it just shows character eh..”

As a matter of respect for his friends, Policarpio emphasized the importance of the decision.  He pointed out, “It’s a big no-no for me…for me lang, that’s how you show respect to your friends…I treat my friends as brothers. So I don’t think it’s proper na i-date kung sino man ‘yung ex nila.”

In a similar vein, Concepcion expressed concern about his friend group’s respect if he dated an ex. Concepcion clarified, “Depende, pero para sa akin kasi parang out na ‘yun. Paano na lang kung nalamang ng ex mo ‘yun, na uy, na kahit hindi mo alam, parang siyempre respect na lang.”

‘Call Me Papi’ stars Enzo Pineda, Albie Casiño, Royce Cabrera, Lharby Policarpio, and Aaron Concepcion.

Produced by Viva Films and Feast Foundation and under the direction of Alvin Yapan, ‘Call Me Papi’ premieres in cinemas on December 7.

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