Filipina Goes Viral For Not Knowing How To Communicate In English With AFAM

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A Filipino netizen has become viral after failing to communicate correctly with her foreign boyfriend while skating.

In a video shared by TikTok user @mariamerzedez00, she is seen with her foreign boyfriend helping her learn to skate.

The 1-minute video shows him standing in one place, holding Maria’s arm as she skates in circles around him.

Maria, an obvious novice at skating, tried telling him not to let her go, but she couldn’t say it in English.

“‘Di kami nagkakaintindihan,” she is heard saying.



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She said, “Ate, sabihin mo wag ako bitawan.”

Her companion tried telling him that, but she also had limited English.

“Ano ba kasi ang English ng bitawan,” Maria said as she took a break.

“Wait, isipin ko pa, isipin ko pa,” her companion said.

The video made netizens laugh. It currently has over 40k likes.

The clip was uploaded last year. Based on her latest videos, Maria lives abroad and loves to skate.

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