GCash Padala Vs Smart Padala Pros And Cons

I have a project in Bicol and got into this situation where I need to send money for my trusted worker to pay for the materials and labor service. Let me share my research with these two existing express remittances, GCASH Padala and Smart Padala. You can get an idea of what is the most comfortable to your needs.

These will also serve as a review for pros and cons between the two.


How to send?
Send using GCASH app only. So obviously, you need a GCash account to avail the service.

How to claim?
You can claim the Padala in 2 ways:
1- You can sign up for Gcash account with the number being used to send you the Padala. Pros: You can get your money automatically appeared in your GCash wallet after successful signup. Cons: To cash out, you will need a bank account to transfer your money, or you can get the GCash Mastercard to directly withdraw on ATM, or you may visit the partner business branch for cash out.

Kinda hassle for the first time if you just want to get the quick cash.

2- You can just visit the GCash Padala Store list near you by searching your location here and claim your money https://www.gcash.com/partners/padala

Note that you need to bring 1 valid ID to claim it.

For sending the minimum amount of ₱500, the fee is fixed at 5 pesos.
If the amount is between ₱500.01 – ₱5,000, the calculated fee is 1.5% of the amount.
The fee computation will be shown in your GCash app review page before you confirm send.

A 100,000 daily limits for a Fully-verified GCash account. You cannot send if your account status is on basic.

You can search your location here https://www.gcash.com/partners/padala to see the list of the nearest business partner in your area.

Overall Pros:
1- A hassle-free when sending, as long as you do have a GCash account
2-  Lower charges

Overall Cons:
You cannot use it if you don’t have a GCash account.


SMART PADALA Now a Maya Center!

How to send?
1- Go to the nearest Maya Center. You can find the nearest agent using this locator https://www.maya.ph/mayacenter/mayacenter-locator
2- Fill up the form with your name, mobile number, money and pay the service fee. Wait for your text reference number before leaving.


How to claim?
1- Go to the nearest Maya Center and provide the text confirmation message https://www.maya.ph/mayacenter/mayacenter-locator
2- Fill up the form name, mobile number, and claim reference number. Claiming is free!

You can compute for the fee using their free online calculator here https://www.maya.ph/mayacenter

or here is a list…

You can also search for your nearest Maya Center here https://www.maya.ph/mayacenter/mayacenter-locator

Overall Pros:
More outlet center available

Overall Cons:
You need to visit Maya Center outlet to send.


Points of View:

Both these two digital remittance service has its own advantage to you. You just need to know which is available base on your location when sending and claiming your funds. Always make sure that you have the correct details to avoid hassle and mistake.



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