How To Solve Hanging Blue Screen On New Windows 10 Laptop Initial Set-up

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Are you currently having problems initially setting up your freshly bought Windows 10 laptop?
Specifically, after choosing your language, region, and keyboard layout and after connecting to a WiFi network and turning on some preferences, you see that the initial set-up hangs or gives you a Blue Screen right after you click “Got It” in the “Office Comes with Your Device” page?
How To Solve Hanging  Blue Screen on New Windows 10 Laptop Initial Set-up
Have you tried restarting your laptop by long pressing the power button but you still get the same initial set-up problem when you reach that page?
Well, here’s a possible solution that could work for you.
If you’re at home and you have access to it, just turn off your WiFi router or the WiFi network that you connected to the first time you tried to set-up your new laptop.
If you connected to a public WiFi network the first time you turned on the notebook, go a place beyond the reach of this network so that the laptop won’t automatically connect to it during set-up.
You need to do this because there’s no way to turn off WiFi on your laptop during the initial set-up process.
The reason why you are getting the hanging blue screen during set-up is most likely because the unit is having a hard time authenticating Microsoft Office via the internet.
You can bypass this by simply setting up the laptop without an internet connection.
This will give you a more general, faster, and simpler initial set-up process without lengthy personalization or authentication procedures.
Watch our How To Fix Hanging Blue Screen on New Windows 10 Laptop Initial Set-up video on Youtube.
The solution is actually very easy but it can be quite a headache to figure to. Setting up a new laptop should be fun and enjoyable so I hope Microsoft can make this procedure totally hassle-free for all consumers.