Knowing The New 1000-Piso Polymer Banknote

Banko Sentral ng Pilipinas released the new 1000-Piso Polymer Banknote last April 2022. It has an advanced featured technology with complex design and security features that makes it significantly impossible for counterfeiting. Less to damage when sanitizing to make it clean and to avoid the spread of virus. It is stronger than the old paper banknote and can last up to 2.5 to 5 times longer due to its resistance to water, oil, dirt, and general wear and tear.

Security Features:

Sampaguita Clear Window – LOOK through the small transparent window depicting the Sampaguita flower (Jasminum sambac) and FEEL the transparent embossed line structures with the text “BSP” within the flower.

Serial Numbers – LOOK for 2 identical serial numbers composed of 2 prefix letters and 7 asymmetric (increasing in size) digits.

 Shadow Thread – LOOK for the 5-mm vertical band on either side of the note when viewed against the light. The denominational value and “BSP” text appear in repeated series.

Vertical Clear Window – LOOK through the large transparent vertical window containing multiple security features.

 Metallic Features – LOOK at the details of metallic images and symbols in the vertical clear window. TILT the note to see color changes and dynamic motion. Dynamic Waves – Wavy lines on the front face of the note move when it is tilted back and forth.

Blue Iridescent Figure – TILT and LOOK to see the figure that displays varying tones of blue when the note is viewed at different angles.

Polymer Substrate – FEEL the smooth surface. The banknote is one continuous sheet with transparent areas.

Tactile Dots – FEEL the five highly embossed dots intended to assist the elderly and the visually impaired.

Embossed Prints – FEEL the raised ink that is rough to the touch.
Front: Philippine Eagle portrait, “REPUBLIKA NG PILIPINAS”, signatures, and “SANLIBONG PISO.”

Flying Eagle – FEEL the transparent embossed outline of a stylized flying eagle.
Enhanced Value Panel – TILT the note from left to right, and vice versa, to see the rolling-bar effect.

Worries circulate with netizen in proper handling of the new banknotes, and cause some negative expectations. Fake news all over the air that it will not be accepted to buy goods on any establishments if it’s folded.

Proper Handling from BSP guidelines:

Place your polymer banknotes in wallets where they fit properly. If banknotes become crumpled or creased, apply pressure, or flatten them with your hands.

Soiled or dirty polymer banknotes may be wiped clean with a damp cloth. Their surface may also be cleaned with alcohol-based sanitizers—just wipe them dry using a towel or piece of cloth right away.

USE THEM AS PAYMENT FOR GOODS AND SERVICES. Do not hoard polymer banknotes, nor buy or sell them at a higher price.

DO NOT deface, write on, or mark polymer banknotes.

DO NOT excessively fold, crease, or crumple polymer banknotes. These could leave permanent fold marks

DO NOT tear, cut, or poke holes in polymer banknotes.

DO NOT staple polymer banknotes or use rubber bands to keep them together. You may use paper bands instead.

DO NOT damage the clear windows, metallic features, and other security features of polymer banknotes.

DO NOT iron polymer banknotes.

DO NOT expose polymer banknotes to very high temperatures or place them near an open flame.

DO NOT expose polymer banknotes to strong or corrosive chemicals, such as muriatic acid or bleach.

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Points of View:

Do not allow fake news to scare you.

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