Netizens Give The Craziest, Most Hilarious Comments On ALLTV’s Soft Launch

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The seemingly raw and unprepared maiden broadcast of the new TV network spawned hilarious comments online.

Okay, granted it was a soft launch, and that there were no grand expectations for its first broadcast last September 13 whatsoever, ALLTV certainly failed massively to deliver even the slightest of good impressions—to netizens, at least.

The chuckle and gag-worthy comments that spurred on Twitter and Facebook, seem to suggest such is the case.

From the lighting to stage design, to even the sound of the broadcast, ALLTV seems to have failed to strike a good impression on its potential audiences. Even the performances of the guest stars earned unflattering reactions— unflatteringly hilarious, that is.

“it’s giving christmas party ng homeowners association,” commented Mac Quilllain on a clip showing Toni Gonzaga performing Dua Lipa’s Levitating, on Facebook.

A certain Mr. Delos Reyes, meanwhile, gave props to Gonzaga and her group. “Thank you very much, contestants from Barangay Lawang Bato. Next naman po ang grupo from Barangay Punturin! Palakpakan po natin!.

“(Thank you contestants from Lawang Bato! Our next group is from Barangay Punturin. Let us give them a round of applause)”, his post reads. At least, you got some nice words there, Toni, albeit sarcastic ones.

Film maker, Rod Marmol, took a reference from Pinoy Big Brother, which Gonzaga previously hosted for more than a decade. “Kuya binibigyan ko po ng 2 points si Toni. Para naman po magkapoint siya kasi itong performance na ito ay pointless.

“(Big brother, I am giving my 2 points to Toni, so that she does not end up being pointless the way this performance is)”, he said in his reply.

“How cheap. How pedestrian” commented M.A. Buendia, who sounded too comfortable sharing unfiltered assessment.

Actor, talent manager, and showbiz columnist, Ogie Diaz, seemingly shares what the netizens felt about ALLTV’s soft launch. “Nangiti lang ako nu’ng una, eh.  Hanggang sa mapabungisngis na ako kalaunan habang pinanonood ang prod ng aking kumareng Toni.

“(I was all-smile at first, but I laughed hard later on, during Toni’s performance)”, he shared in a vlog entry on YouTube.

“Ganitong-ganito ‘yung mga napapanood ko sa ‘GMA Supershow’ ni Kuya Germs nu’ng araw.

“(This looks like what I used to see on Kuya Germs’ GMA Supershow)”, he then added.

Various hilarious comments on the broadcast’s poor graphics and camera angles also made rounds on the internet. Like Gonzaga, Ella Cruz was also ridiculed for her dance number. The overwhelming “HAHA” reaction, a clip showing her production number, earned, screamed the largely unflattering impression she made.

“Dance Princess” sweetie sorry but who lied to you”, said Danica who surely find the young actress’s ‘dance princess’ tag laughable.

Willie Revillame did not take these comments lightly that he actually aired his grievances over the largely negative impression ALLTV earned, during its maiden broadcast, a few days later.

“Mahirap magpuna ng pagkakamali ng kapwa mo. Tingnan mo muna yung sarili mo, di ba? Wag na tayong pumuna. Isipin mo yung ilang taong tinulungan ng station na ito.

“(It is hard to criticize your fellow man’s flaws. You need to see yourself first, right? Let’s not criticize. Just think of how many people this station is trying to help)”, he pleaded.

It is a plea that Diaz responded with the even more blunt question: “Kuya Wil, ano ba dapat ‘yung pinupuna? ‘Yung tama o ‘yung mali? (Which one warrants a scrutiny: the right, or the wrong)?”, he asked in a response.

Well, given its early struggle to win audiences, and to pose even the slightest of threat to reigning free TV channels like GMA-7, TV5, and A2Z, it seems unflattering comments for ALLTV may likely ensue in the coming days or months, and until the official launch of the new TV network. Let’s see if there will be improvements by then.

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