An Old Video Of Toni Gonzaga And Kris Aquino’s Stance On Extramarital Affairs Gets Viral

January 31, 2023
An old clip from 2014’s “The Buzz” featuring local celebrities Kris Aquino and Toni Gonzaga discussing extramarital affairs has been widely discussed online. Host Boy Abunda asked if they would physically harm their husbands if they cheated. Aquino told him she would lash out at her husband, while Gonzaga who was not married at that […] More
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US-China War: Is It Inevitable?

January 31, 2023

Retired US Army Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster early this month warned that China is preparing its military for a war over Taiwan. He said Chinese President Xi Jinping, who secured a historic third term last year, has made it clear he plans to retake Taiwan. ...


January 31, 2023

There are three kinds of people other than the terminally apathetic or intellectually dead. A small group has a genuine desire and is willing to give effort to identify and find solutions to a nation’s and a society’s problems. A larger cohort is will...

‘Artista Horror Stories’: Shocking Entries Shared On Twitter By Netizens Who Worked Alongside Known Personalities

January 29, 2023
The stories shared by ordinary people who met their most admired celebrities prove clarity and truth to the saying “never meet your heroes”; they may break or unbreak one’s opinion of them. People in general, especially fans of celebrities, tend to forget that no matter what social and economic advantages their fellow humans have, they […] More
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