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Emergency Kit And Guides Before Natural Disaster Strikes

August 8, 2022
Natural calamities cannot be avoided, and it is already part of our life due to climate change, global warming, and weather season. Disasters like typhoon, flood, earthquake, volcanic eruption, landslide, and fire are the just some of those that we already experienced in our country Philippines. We …

Knowing The New 1000-Piso Polymer Banknote

July 15, 2022
Banko Sentral ng Pilipinas released the new 1000-Piso Polymer Banknote last April 2022. It has an advanced featured technology with complex design and security features that makes it significantly impossible for counterfeiting. Less to damage when sanitizing to make it clean and to avoid the spread …

Landers Vs S&R Superstore Simple Comparison

June 4, 2022
One of the happy part of living is when you buy your goods like foods, beverages, other necessity. Sometimes we want to explore the freedom of choosing where we want to shop and buy the things we love to taste and experience. Or even looking for an imported item we cannot find in a common supermarke…

GCash Padala Vs Smart Padala Pros And Cons

May 20, 2022
I have a project in Bicol and got into this situation where I need to send money for my trusted worker to pay for the materials and labor service. Let me share my research with these two existing express remittances, GCASH Padala and Smart Padala. You can get an idea of what is the most comfortable …