To Dos To Avoid Scam Of Your Banking Online

Lots of scam cases are recorded nowadays, and your online banking is one of the target of the hackers to infiltrate your account and steal your hard-earned savings. In spite of all the security protection implemented by banking system, scammers can still find ways on how they can get access to your online account. And me either also experienced the bogus attacks I received via SMS, email, or other means of hacking.

With these regards, I do research and test if possible, what are those important security guides on how to protect or avoid being hack.

1. Nominate a strong password

Use a password generator or combine a capital and lower case with numeric and special character for a hard to guess account security. Do not use your birthday or name.

You can use some of these password generator online:

2. Do not click any URL from any unsolicited email

The banks do not ask for any user, password, or any details from their account holder. Never click any URL that asks for your account details. They may use a program that can record any of the details you type in to your keyboard to steal your information.

3. Never give your OTP to anyone.

OTP (One-Time Password) is a password that is sent to your computer or mobile phone every time you log in or transact to your banking account. Scammers are pretending to be one of the bank employees asking for your OTP for verification.

4. Avoid using Public Wi-Fi for your banking transaction

Data transmission in a public Wi-Fi can be recorded or hacked in the middle of transaction. You may connect to a Wi-Fi pretending to be legitimate that may intercept your data. Better use your data network connection or use a VPN app (Virtual Private Network) if you cannot avoid it.

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