Wil Dasovich Passes Out Mid-air While Bungee Jumping In Switzerland  

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American television personality and vlogger Wil Dasovich recently embarked on a thrilling adventure as he tried bungee jumping in Ticino, Switzerland at the Verzasca Dam, a site that was featured in the 1995 James Bond film ‘Golden Eye’.

According to Dasovich, it was his first time passing out without the involvement of alcohol. In a post on his Instagram page, he described the experience as incredibly frightening and overwhelming, saying that he didn’t know it was possible to be so scared that his brain literally crashes like a hard drive [and] stops working (aka sensory overload).

In the video documenting his jump, Dasovich can be seen at the edge of a platform with instructors holding his outstretched arms. Another instructor can be heard counting down in the background, asking Dasovich if he was ready to jump. Despite his fear, Dasovich took the plunge, and a few seconds later, he passed out. However, he quickly regained consciousness while still swinging over the dam.


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Despite the intense fear he felt, Dasovich expressed a desire to do the bungee jump again and be fully present for the experience. He stated that of all the crazy things he has done, he has never felt this level of fear compressed into a single moment. His video of the bungee jump impressed several celebrities, including Nico Bolzico, Dominic Roque, and Troy Montero, with the latter stating that he doesn’t have to do the activity himself because he already “lived” the experience through Dasovich’s video.

Dasovich’s bungee jumping feat is just one of many accomplishments in his career as a content creator. Recently, he was hailed as champion at the World Vlog Challenge in Nepal. In this challenge, he competed against other creators from different countries including India, Colombia, the US, Thailand, and Nepal.

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