Zanjoe Marudo Prefers A ‘more Justified’ Ending Instead Of Unexpected Finale Of ‘The Broken Marriage Vow’

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If he had his way, Zanjoe Marudo said he would change the ending for his character, the narcissist and womanizer David Ilustre, in the drama series “The Broken Marriage Vow” to a “more justified one.”

Still, the ending that the audience would see for David in the finale tonight, June 24, would be something they never expected, added Zanjoe.

“Some of us have already seen the adaptations from other countries, so we already have an idea of what the ending would be,” Zanjoe said of the series that was based on the British drama titled “Doctor Foster.”

“But this is not your typical drama series wherein you can easily predict how the story would progress for each of the characters…

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