2 Great marketing strategies most successful affiliate publisher do

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Affiliate promotion is one of the coolest ways to earn money online. Most online internet savvy already discovers about this, from blogger to any website owner. There are so many channels to get noticed that sometimes it is overwhelming on which and what are the right strategy we need to implement for the products or services we are promoting. In the end, we don’t get any result on the wrong marketing platform we are working on.

As an affiliate marketer, I want to share my proven method which can help your promotion boost more sales and leads.

Product Review

By creating an actual review for products or services, you can gain more audience or traffic that made them convinced to click your referral code to buy the products.

2 methods you can use for a product review:

  • Blog article
            You can create a product review website and make an article about the related product you’ve experienced. Sharing the pros and cons can give your reader an idea. If the product has a good feature that you can build, you have a big chance of getting your link a click and buying.

  • Vlogging
            If you are good at talking in front of a camera, you can show actual testing of products you have in hand. How to use it and show them the good feature that will excite them to avail of the offer, and don’t forget to add your referral code below the descriptions. By using YouTube or another free video-sharing platform, you can freely build an audience. The good thing about this method is that you can also monetize your content through Google Ads program.


Social Media Group or Page

Building a Social media group or page where you can get subscribers and followers and along the way you can get more leads to promote the products/services you are selling.

2 methods of creating group or pages:

  • Direct Page
    A page or group that purpose is to sell products and services directly.

The example below is a group pertaining to selling computer parts… The main purpose of the group is to post an item any member wants to sell.

  • In Direct Page
    A method where there is no obvious selling of products and services. An example like “DIY Travel group” where your purpose is to share with each other information of what is a good travel destination this summer. Along the way, there will be somebody asking for any advice about travel booking that you can provide a referral code.

A sample here is a group about sharing recipes… Then you can insert your referral code for the source of your ingredients.


Points of View:

There are lots of options you can get attention on the internet these days. All you have to do is give it a try and discover the right platform or method for your business promotion.