Paying SSS Salary Loan with PRN via GCASH is Now Easy As This

I’ve been trying to pay my SSS loan from my previous employer, and it is very hassling this time of Pandemic crisis, falling in long lines to any Bayad Center. With SSS online, it is now possible to pay my salary loan on installment basis via GCASH. I just discover the feature available at the time I created this article. Sad to say, this is not yet possible using SSS mobile app at this moment, so feel free to try it yourself using your PC and accessing the SSS website using your browser.

I assume you are registered and already has your login, before you can do this.

Let start by…

1: Logging in to SSS website

2: Go to PRN section after successful login and Generate PRN.


3: Set the amount you want to pay and Submit request.


4: In case you already have PRN for the month, you can edit the amount to be paid and save changes.



5: After Generating or Saving Changes of PRN, get your PRN number and pay using GCASH app. You can also print the generated page if you want to pay thru Bayad Center, SSS branch, or other options.



6: When paying GCASH app, you will see a page like this under Bills Payment option.



7: If your payment is successful, it will appear below the PAID PRN area of the web page



This is a very helpful development by Social Security System (SSS). Everything is transparent and can be access by every member who consistently paying their contributions. Either we are self-employed, voluntary, OFW, or has an employer, we can check the status and activity of our SSS account at ease of our home.

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  • hi po. ilang oras bago po makita yung paid prn? magrereflect po ba agad?

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