3 Screen capturing tool to use on your desktop

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Screen capture is a tool to share or to save some important details to remember while working on your desktop.

Lightshot – my favorite screen capturing tool because it is very lightweight and it is free.


  • Easy to use with PrtScn function on your keyboard
  • Has a ruler indicator
  • Option to save to computer or upload to the cloud directly
  • Has a simple editor
  • Support Windows and Mac
  • Free to use


Snipping Tool – build in your Windows ready to use to screenshot your page.


  • Build-in Windows
  • Good editing feature


  • No ruler
  • No option to upload directly in the cloud


Nimbus – this is my option if I need to capture long web pages. This is a plugin for Chrome and Firefox that has the best feature I’ve been using.


  • Option to scroll and capture long pages
  • Ruler function
  • Video recording feature inside the page you are browsing
  • Good editing option for images
  • Can save or upload to the cloud your screengrab
  • Support Chrome and Firefox browser


  • Can only use with your browser open


Point of View:

There are more options you can download and try. These are just the recommended tools I tested and worth using.