4 Factors affecting slow mobile data connection

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The connection these days are so important from our day to day living not only in the Philippines but all over the world. Online schooling started and work from home has become the new normal until vaccine is available to prevent the virus from spreading. We will encounter slow connection for different reasons that sometimes we became frustrated who to blame for what is happening.

Check this 4 reasons why we all encountering the same dilemma when it comes to data speed connection.

  • Location – network tower has a big factors of distributing bandwidth, if you are in the area where the transmission of signal is not supported or high interference is present, we will surely experience slow connection or no data transfer at all.
  • Volume of users – that’s why Telco’s implemented the “Fair User Policy” because the volume of users can affect the speed of your internet. The more people are using more bandwidth, the more traffic you will encounter.
  • Data capping – your network provider sets a limitation for how much bandwidth you can spend in a daily basis without you knowing you already hit that red flag.
  • Mobile device settings – your mobile device is the first thing you need to consider why you are experiencing slow internet. You might not aware there are some applications that consuming your data on the background. Automatic updates of application and syncing of photos are some of those.


Points of View:

We keep blaming Telco’s company for the slow connection without knowing that is it not always the reason for the internet disappointment we feel. It is always good to know some information on how we can get a fast internet.