Basic insights of DITO Telecom in the Philippines

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I’ve been following DITO since it was announced in the 4th quarter of 2020. And it’s been trending in the stock market for the time being. DITO is formerly the Mindanao Islamic Telephone Company (Mislatel) and it is partnered with China Telecommunication Corp. with 40% shares. They just launched March 8, 2021 their welcome offer of unlimited data for 30 days. I am curious about how it can compete to end the monopoly of two giant data networks Globe and Smart (PLDT) in the Philippines. If they provide good quality services as they claimed, it will lower the cost of data connection to give the consumer better options.

What offer DITO can give that differs from Globe and Smart (PLDT)?
What offer DITO can give that differs from Globe and Smart (PLDT)?
DITO spokesperson said they are using a stand-alone 5G technology which is more reliable and can provide a faster connection to the consumer. This might be true for now, but of course PLDT and Globe Telecom will not allow to be left behind by a newbie provider. They will surely upgrade or already has the technology but not launching yet.

DITO Sim card limitation:
The DITO SIM card only works with select DITO compatible VoLTE mobile phones as DITO uses next generation technology. This is according to their website, but some user feedback gives information that it works on any mobile phone that are not on DITO’s list of mobile units.

What is VoLTE?
Voice over Long-Term Evolution is a high-speed wireless communication standard for mobile phones and data terminals, including Internet of things devices and wearables. VoLTE has up to three times more voice and data capacity than older 3G UMTS and up to six times more than 2G GSM. Wikipedia

Supported Mobile Phones: (This list are not updated as for some feedback from user, it works with their old mobile phone)

MyPhone MyT6S MyWX2 MyWX2 Pro MyX1 Plus MyXI1 Plus MyX1 Pro MyX12 MyXI3

Nova 7 /Mate 30 /Mate 20 /Mate 30 Pro /Mate 30 Pro 5G /Mate 40 /Mate 40 Pro /Nova 7 SE /Nova 7i /P40 /P30 Pro /P30 /P40 Pro /Y7a Y7p Y9 Prime 2019

A12 /A53 /A31 /A52 /A53 4GB /A92 /Reno 3 Pro /Reno 4 /Reno 4z

S20 S20+ S20 Ultra


Cherry Mobile
Aqua S9 /Aqua S9 Lite /Aqua S9 /Max Flare S8 /Flare S8 /Lite Flare S8 Pro /Flare Y20 /Flare Y5

NEX3 /X50 Pro /Y11 /Y19 /Y30 /Y20i /S1 /S1 Pro /V15 /V15 Pro /V17 Pro /Y17 /Y91C /V11 /V11i /X21 /Y81 /Y85 /Y91 /Y91i /Y95 N

Coverage of Services:
The promo will be available in the following areas:
Metro Cebu – Carcar, Cebu City, Consolacion, Danao, Liloan, Mandaue, Minglanilla, Naga, San Fernando & Talisay
Metro Davao – Panabo, Tagum, Carmen, Davao City & Digos

Issue of Security Threat:
Asia-Pacific consulting firm CreatorTech, an industry specialist which provides research and advisory services on telecommunications, digital technologies, wireless networks and related topics. They provide a report concerning cybersecurity threat, China Telecom is a fully controlled entity of the Government of the People’s Republic of China (PRC)…. Who knows? China is really trying to invade us with our sovereignty as they still claim the Scarborough Shoal even if we won the arbitration tribunal, and now the Julian Felipe Reef in Palawan.

DITO App first time log-in: WATCH

Point of View:
I hope they can sustain the good quality services as they move forward in providing data connection nationwide. We really need something reliable internet provider to stay in the game of advanced technology warfare.