Social media platform to help any business grow

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We know that social media is already part of everyone’s lives these days. And for our business, this will give exposure and brand presence to get more customer leads. However, we need to understand what platform and how it will be implemented to your business to take the full advantage. It is important that you are not going to waste your time with the platform that will not give you any good result.

I want to understand social media and how it can be used in different businesses.

Here is the list of Social Media platform I tested myself to share my personal thoughts.

  • Facebook –  the most popular of them all that even grandpa can be your leads. Best for sharing contents in text, photos, and videos format. Has a wide demographic for target audiences because it is easily shared and follow your posts.
  • Twitter – Used by users to shoutout whats in their mind. Hashtag feature to interact directly with your target niche or topics.
  • Instagram – more on visual contents and hastag feature to directly engage with your topic, best for business about lifestyle, food, fashion, photography, and luxury brands.
  • Linkedin – mostly for professional people sharing expertise. Businesses engaging professional services are mostly you can find but not limited to any other business.
  • YouTube – video marketing campaign. Video advertising to showcase your products or services you are offering.
  • Google+ – text and image contents for sharing to get more leads.
  • Pinterest – more visual contents like Instagram
  • Reddit – feed information or news. best for sharing your articles as part of your backlinks campaign. Has a wide category feature to directly reach your audiences.
  • Quora – all about people asking questions for an information they need to know.  An advantage for your articles to directly target your audiences.
  • Yelp – showcase or advertise your business locally. This is like a listing directory where a customer can give you rating or review
  • Snapchat – audiences are mostly younger demographics, best used for a promo code or to demo your products.
  • – is a Russian online social media.
  • Tumblr – best for sharing articles. Hashtag feature to directly engage with your topics.


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