Common MMDA traffic violations a private motorist get apprehended

I always observe the traffic rules and regulations. But somehow, I still get a violation for the reason that I cannot accept because I did not mean to disobey certain rules of a missing traffic signage, faulty traffic lights, or being not aware of the traffic rules on the certain road or location.

May time mapapakamot ka na lng sa ulo kapag hinarang ka na lang bigla ng MMDA for a violation. You have the reasons na kahit sabihin mo naman sa traffic officer, hindi na din nila pinakikinggan.

At some point, we don’t have a choice but to be aware of how much is the traffic violation penalties you are about to settle. Here, I listed the most common MMDA traffic violations a private motorist always gets apprehended. Added are the codes and penalties for your references.

Download the full PDF list of MMDA Traffic Violation and Penalties Here:


Points of View:

Whatever violation and apprehension we’ve encountered, always watch your temper on the road. We need a big bucket of patience when driving to avoid misunderstanding and road rage.

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