Paying Philhealth contributions online via GCASH or Debit Card

This is a good update for PhilHealth, as one and only government medical insurance we can rely on in times of hospitalization. Especially for those individual who don’t have an HMO benefits from the company they are working. For so many years, the institution has now a portal that members can log in to see their Member Data Record (MDR), and pay contributions online via GCASH, Debit Card, or Credit Card.

Step-by-Step Guide for Philhealth Online Payment:

1. Register to Philhealth Portal website.

2. Generate SPA for payment

*Just in case the Portal ask to update your MDR,
Download the form on this URL
and submit to (Proceed with 3 if you are good to go next)

NOTE: If the system gives you an error to update your monthly income with an error message “SPA generation cannot proceed, please update member’s monthly income.” Please follow this instruction to resolve… 

1- Download the form on this URL
2- Fill-up the form send to email address with a subject PHIC MEM INCOME UPDATE your complete name Province/Region. >> Sample: PHIC MEM INCOME UPDATE JUAN DELA CRUZ LAGUNA

*If your MDR issue has been resolved, you can proceed to payment.


3. Choose your payment option via GCASh, Debit Card, or Credit Card.

Paying via Debit Card/Credit Card video:

Paying via GCASH video:

4. Complete the details of payment and Input the OTP PIN sent to your mobile number.

5. Check your email confirmation. DONE


Additional information:

Philhealth is using MYEG as payment gateway processor, a pioneer in eGovernment services in Malaysia. MYEG is a one-stop provider of e-government solutions and payment services which allow Filipinos to transact with government agencies at the comfort of their own homes.


Points of View:

PhilHealth is very helpful for people who don’t have the budget to avail of a private health insurance. There is no room for corrupted officer in the government, Filipino people deserve a good health standard not only when we needed. I hope they will continue the improvement for better life.

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